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TEAM 『いち』 → one crack away from yours.
10 March 2008 @ 07:18 am
So, I'm taking the job at Afni, finally. I just got off the phone with Human Resources, so yeah. I'm starting on March 24th, jaaaa. I'm going to be Customer Service for Verizon Wireless. Although it's not the best job, it's a job other than the food market and that makes me happy. Plus the pay is going to be sweet. I know I have to deduct everything with taxes and all that, but seriously. This paycheck is going to be significantly bigger than my only 150 a week pay. Soon, and hopefully, I will save more money than what I have, haha. Anyway, Cricket, I am going to save because we want to go to St Louis, New York and Disney Land! What's not to love?

And, Cricket, if you're still interested in Afni, for the pay, of course, they only hire Second Shift and only for Customer Service right now. I think it's promotion for less demeaning jobs, honestly. So, bare arms against the man!

In addition to this semi-wonderful news, I'm writing again!
I know I've said this a thousand times over and over, but it's true! I'm almost done with Chapter 1 of Dir en grey Vs Living Together For A Week (which is the sequel to Dir en grey Vs Disney Land) and am almost finished with a short story I started so long ago... Almost a year, haha. Wait, it has been a year! Holy shit, time does fly. So, ja. I have to go warm up my car and go to workkk.

Bye you all!

ps - I have promoted to a 1 mile and a quarter run without stopping or hurting any major muscles in my leg.
TEAM 『いち』 → one crack away from yours.
07 March 2008 @ 01:09 pm
ho ho ho. ichi is back from saint louis, y'all.

what an awesome city! i had the best time, everrr. everybody was friendly, really and i'm looking forward to revisiting at a later time. i'm not going to share pictures unless you all want me to and, if so, you'll have to wait until monday because Cricket has all the best pictures ever. will better than mine.

One thing I especially loved was the fact St Louis had TEA SHOPS. TEA FUCKIN' SHOPS. I was like ":DDDD" everywhere in the tea shops because i've never seen one before. so, i bought tea cups and some very different types of tea :) i absolutely love the varieties on Black Tea. Oh god, I love Black Tea.

Hard Rock Cafe is another AWESOME thing on my list and I am determined to be like Dave and try to hit every single location :) Haha.

under here are tid bits of the concertCollapse )

I also have Idiot Pilot's autograph and had the chance to ask them a couple of questions, haha.
Anyway, I'm tired and have to go throw my pillows in the dryer.

TEAM 『いち』 → one crack away from yours.
27 February 2008 @ 08:51 pm
The date went great, by the way.
We just hung out at his house, but he's so sweettttt, omgggg ♥
TEAM 『いち』 → one crack away from yours.
25 February 2008 @ 07:06 pm
He called me and wasn't shy!!
That's why I was impressed since the beginning.
if you want to know how I was impressed since the beginning, click hereCollapse )

if you want to know why I think this guy is so sweet, click hereCollapse )

By the way, I know his last name now and he's 21.
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TEAM 『いち』 → one crack away from yours.
25 February 2008 @ 01:50 pm

All the details are fuzzy and uninteresting but i will give highlightsCollapse )

I'm expecting his call any minute and I hope he isn't going to do the curiosity bit with me and wait, wait and wait.

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TEAM 『いち』 → one crack away from yours.
25 February 2008 @ 06:50 am
Okay, I don't care, this is too funny.

Have you all read karmik's post about the explicit sex pictures that were going around of Danchou? No, I don't have them, so don't get all excited! But, I did find this whole situation funny!

My first thought was maybe Danchou and Nono (my otp there <3333)

Second thought was maybe kakowasure's idea for a short story came about and Danchou realized it himself, with the help of a Mana poster, then he would have some strange sex quest with Yuuri.

Besides, who would find such a man sexy in his joggers?

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I am determined to find this material.
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TEAM 『いち』 → one crack away from yours.
24 February 2008 @ 09:18 am
Last night I dreamed we all took a class field trip to go see MUCC in the Taste of Chaos tour, lol. And then, I got to sit by Tatsurou and talk to him in my broken, broken Japanese. It was a neat dream where I had several different stories going on. I always love those types.

I have one more week before I set off to ST Louis and I hope I start my period today so I don't have to deal with it at ST Louis. That would suckkkkk. Being on my period in someone else's home in some other city. That's a major fail I don't want to deal with, haha.

Anyway, it's snowing! Well, it was for like 5 minutes; I took pictures :)

I hope you can see the little white specs. We haven't had snowfall all Christmas, so that was pretty exciting, haha. My yard looks horrible :( We just had an ice storm and now it's all melted and it rained this morning.
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TEAM 『いち』 → one crack away from yours.
17 February 2008 @ 07:58 pm
So, you know Cricket, Alex and me are taking a trip to Saint Louis in the first week of march, right? Well, since I've watched some Korean dramas / movies lately, I was suddenly inspired to look up study abroad programs from colleges. Soon, I found this college in Washington, or so I thought. They allowed students to exchange places and learn in Korea. The college had advance studies and everything. My dream. Come to find out, it's Washington University in ST FUCKIN' LOUIS!

I think it's a sign. I am one to follow signs of life since they always turn out better in the end.

I wonder if I'm thinking too much into this?

Then again, I hope it is a sign (which I'm almost 100% sure it is). I mean, I did turn down a job for this trip, so I should be putting some thought into it.

Ugh, so stressful and confusing.
TEAM 『いち』 → one crack away from yours.
17 February 2008 @ 06:10 pm
Hey, instant_noodle, I finished 달자의 봄!!
Twenty-two hours and something of my life was spent watching this series and I was satisfied, haha.
It was very good, and I'm glad you introduced me to this series. Although, I will admit with an open heart, I disliked some of the plots, but the ending was good, I think, overall.

The funniest thing about the drama is the random songs they chose for background music.
Dirty Pop, N*SYNC
Dancing Queen, Abba (I think)
YMCA, Village People
I will survive, Gloria Gaynor
Faith, George Michael
C'est La Vie, B
I will always love you, Whitney Houston
And those are the only ones I remember, hahaha. It was odd, especially when I was unconsciously singing along.

By the way, I love the clothes everyone had!
I love Dal Ja's apartment, too! Whoever did set designs and wardrobe is brilliant!

The show also inspired me to learn Korean.
Alas, there's nothing where I live that teaches Korean, or maybe I'm not looking hard enough?
This is so frustrating.
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TEAM 『いち』 → one crack away from yours.
15 February 2008 @ 03:02 pm
Many a strange things have been happening to me lately. Like, Jeremiah, he apologized for ditching me once he got a girlfriend; so, we're going pooling (billiards) Saturday. Then, Caronline's Nephew, Patrick, came in to see her and while I was laying down a ticket, beside him, he looked at me and smiled.
"Hello," he said.
"Hi," I quickly replied, giving him a small smile.
Then, He said bye to all of us since we were all kind of busy and he walked away. But, he stopped walked back and asked me, "What's your name?" Yes, I was taken aback.
"Well, Heather, do you have a piece of paper I can write my e-mail and number on?"
So, should I reply to him (through e-mail since I don't call anyone, haha)?